Information about accommodation

Identification details of owner:

Name and address of the establishment: Apartment Lodenica, K Lodenici 7396/6

Business name of the operator: MVDr. Tomáš Schuster, MBA

Operator's registered office: Kajakárska 7290/20, 921 01 Piešt'any

IČO: 37745328 DIC: SK1043410918

Responsible leader: Tomáš Schuster

Telephone contact: 0915 974 046


Type and method of service provided

Type of service provided: accommodation facility with time

limited accommodation - private accommodation .

Method of service provision: only accommodation services are provided.

Total capacity of the accommodation facility: 2 beds and 1 extra bed.

Method of providing meals in the facility: no meals.

Additional services for clients: the facility does not provide other additional services.

Payment for accommodation:

Method of receiving payments: via booking systems

(e.g. Booking), or by transfer to an account based on a tax document (invoice).

Cash payment is not possible.